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The Carter Twins » How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother

Stephanie and Jason met on May 19th, 2001. It was a Saturday night, and Jason had just received a promotion at work. He spent the day getting a haircut and buying a new shirt and was looking to hit the town. He called a friend from Cornell and they made plans to go to a friend of a friend’s going-away party at Bar Nine on the upper West side. As fate would have it, the friend of a friend was Stephanie’s roommate Lexie.

Due to a case of mistaken identity, Stephanie ended up introducing herself to Jason with a slap on the leg. They exchanged a few words at the bar before Lexie invited everyone back to their apartment for pizza and beer. Jason and Stephanie spent more time together at the apartment, and he eventually worked up the courage to ask for her phone number.

From the first night until today the two have rarely spent time apart which included Stephanie joining Jason in England for four weeks in the Summer of 2001 and again in Germany in 2002.

The big co-habitation happened in March 2003 with the immediate adoption of their baby kitties, Paulie and Penny. Stephanie and Jason packed their bags again when they moved to their current home in San Diego, CA.

Jason proposed on Friday, September 2, 2005 at the San Diego Zoo four years and four months from the day they met (but nobody is counting, right?).

We were married on 09/09/06 at the Ebell Club in Long Beach, CA. We honeymooned in Istanbul and Greece for 3.5 weeks and loved every minute of it. We have included some pictures of this wild adventure.